Monday, January 31, 2011

~Work vs Absent!~

27 Safar 1432H

Assalamualaikum and Good morning to everyone!

Since yesterday, raining heavily was in area Lembah Kelang still Non- stop. So, many people would most prefer to sit at home. For those who work today might be lazy to going out.hehhe.. Instead of tomorrow Wilayah Persekutuan residents will celebrate holiday! Yepie..

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Extand one day into absent to enjoin with mood ‘sejuk and sedap tido’ (^_^)

Those who had fight against feeling of laziness and absenteeism i congratulate to them..hehe..However, there are people who still sit at home, and continuously complaining at how ‘unfair’ the world is and wondering why “Allah does not help them” ..TOO SAD to them! In simple terms, people have to help themselves first.

“Life is not about sitting at home, waiting for any opportunities to fall from the sky”

Life is about going out and seeking oppurtunities. Work hard, put your best effort, to seek beneficial use(rizq). It is an obligation of every men and women who are encouraged to work and forbidden to seek helps from others without real cause. In light of that is the best way to worship God is Only Sustainers and Provider to mankind. Money is important to us. It is so important to Muslims understand the real significance of Money.
“Money is a means to end, not an end in itself.”

Use money to buy necessary items and also think to used to help others Muslims in need. We are Khalifah, representative of the world to strive and achieve in cause of Allah.
To end this note, i wish to all Hepi holiday! Find out any Manfaah when denote with leisure time. Spend and measure ur time wisely..


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